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While you’ll love that Rooware is non-toxic. Your kids will love that Rooware features four Earthsaverz characters that aim to help raise kids’ environmental awareness.

The plates and bowls are also designed to jive with kids’ eating habits. The bowls feature snap on handles to help younger kids get a grip, but can be removed as your child grows. And the plates come complete with a removable divider bowl, which will bring you a sigh of relief if you have a picky eater who can’t stand when his peas touch his pasta. The divider bowl is also great used separately for snacks.

Keva Niver, a mom of four kids, launched the company in response to concern over exposing our kids to toxins from plastic and wanting a kid-friendly melamine alternative. “We are proud to sell a safer alternative when it comes to character tableware for kids, many parents want to be safe than sorry. Now there is no reason for parents to buy tableware that could possibly leach toxic chemicals into their children’s food, just for the sake of having a fun character plate,” says Niver.

+ Rooplate $16.95

+ Roobowl $12.95

+ Rootensils $6.95

+ Rooware