If your child is obsessed with the new royal baby, why not indulge her interest with some adorable “not” paper dolls. Made by Etsy shop, Nettie’s Needles Too, this set includes one Kate doll, one baby boy swaddled in a blanket, two crowns, two dresses with shoes, and one cute double decker bus. All the little non-paper dolls in this shop are custom made to order with a variety of pretty felts and fabrics, so these are way sturdier than typical paper dolls. ¬†The doll clothing adheres to the little dolls via a combination of Velcro and non-toxic tacky glue. This shop also takes custom color requests, so if you’d like to see the princess in say, pink, message the shop owner and ask.

+ A Royal Baby: Princess and Baby Boy Set $21.00

+ Nettie’s Needles Too