At over $1,000 the Rubens Desk designed by Compagnie founder and architect Jean-François Bellemère is not cheap — but this desk is solid, beautifully designed and a piece your child will own for years. Cleverly made with attached mountains that act as a backdrop for small cars or other toys, kids will have fun with the playful, adventurous design aspect of this desk. Later, as your child grows, the “mountains” can be removed to become a more adult-minded piece of furniture. The desk is made with solid beech and lacquered MDF in France with materials from sustainably managed forests. One of the company’s main goals is to simplify the manufacturing process and transportation process, thus saving materials while working closely with local businesses. The desktop is available in three different types including black, white and chalkboard and has slots for storing sheets, notebooks and pencils and a small porcelain cup fits like a fountain in the tray of the hole for extra writing utensils or, as the company suggests, even a small plant!

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+ Rubens Desk 950,00 € (around $1,058.00 usd)

+ Rubens Desk Mountains 355.00 € (around $395.00 usd)

+ Compagnie