Santa’s workshop has been temporarily relocated from the North Pole to Covent Garden in London. LEGO-certified professional Duncan Titmarsh, one of only 14 people in the world to hold the prestigious title, and his team created a creative wonderland for Santa and several elves with more than 700,000 LEGO bricks. Located in a favorite area of an already busy city, tourists and residents will likely flock to see Santa and his helpers at work until the end of the month when the installation comes down.

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Each year, Covent Garden features a different holiday installation with previous iterations including Santa’s sleigh with reindeer crafted from LEGO, and a LEGO brick train that people could climb on for a photo opp. This year, kids can jump on the toy assembly line, where elves are crafting cars, teddy bears, and a LEGO Millennium Falcon. Details such as a toy list, a wintry scene, a clock, and green and red-themed decorations are all made from LEGO too — and are sure to inspire some serious winter vacation LEGO building (and perhaps buying) sessions. Visitors are invited to take “Elfies” with the little toy makers, although we’re guessing the jolly and realistic-looking Santa will be a big draw as well. The installation took about five months for Titmarsh and his team to complete and will be on view until December 29th.

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via Londonist and The Sun

Images via Press Association