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One of the main features of the illuminating festival, the Bottle Family installation was inspired by the festival itself. Turner is well versed in designing gorgeous lamps and sculptures from recycled plastic bottles, producing chandeliers and orbs for fashion shows, special events and private commissions. By shredding and cutting the bottles, her glowing installations appear to be high-end hanging lamps, rather than made from recycled materials.

Each year, the artist noticed that Light Night was a popular family event, with many parents bringing their children to the festival near Nottingham Castle. Being a resident of Nottingham, where her studio is also located, Turner decided to give back to her community.  Using the same techniques that she employs to her sophisticated lighting design projects, she created a larger scale plastic bottle family, dedicated to the families around her. Each of the figure’s heads is an orb, set on a translucent conical body. Each of the bodies was made with different techniques that Turner uses, to show the varying possibilities of working with recycled plastic bottles. A lighting system inside makes each figure glow from within. Even the plastic bottle dog’s leash is made from an LED light string rope.

Local cafes and households in the Nottingham area collected the plastic bottles for Turner’s project. The construction of the Bottle Family took about two months to complete. After the Light Night festival, the Bottle Family is looking for a new home! The family is for sale or exhibition by contacting the artist herself.

+ Sarah Turner