Happy 2009! What better way to kick off the new year than by putting some resolutions into action? While we hope that our children won’t have to experience another economic recession like the one we’re riding out now, there’s no better time than the present to turn over a new leaf and start teaching the next generation the value of saving money. These eco-friendly piggy banks will help them save a penny, prettily, in a stylish, responsible fashion.

The recycled aluminum bottle piggy bank seen in the above photos was designed by Luitpol Ruiz Gaviria, an artist known for turning discarded objects into art. The piggy’s nose unscrews for easy coin removal, but remember, the resolution is to save, so don’t twist that spout!

$67.95 from NOVICA

Kids won’t have to worry about being “in the red” if they stash their money in Pedro Ressig’s piggy bank made from 100% reconstituted leather. This bank is so hip, it also acts as an artistic decoy… so passerby won’t dare raid  this piggy when no one is looking.

$49 from Zanisa

If your tot really wants to save a “ton,” gear him up with this Wooden Elephant Bank. Made with natural wood and carefully selected timber from FSC certified wood lots, this pachyderm allows kids to watch their savings grow in his clear tummy.

$29.99 from Newborn Mom

Want to make your own ‘green’ piggy bank and save even more green? Stay tuned to Inhabitots today for a DIY tutorial on making a piggy bank with your kids!