Give kiddos the thrill of a lifetime every time you take them to preschool, daycare, or just around town with the Scandinavian Side Bike. Instead of being towed behind you, little ones become your partners in crime with this sidecar contraption. A pivot bearing that connects your bike and theirs keeps the ride smooth for kids as you maneuver through daily traffic. The sidecar was designed (by two active Danish parents) to be light and durable and is made using carbon fiber or fiberglass. It’s also easy to detach from the mounting brackets — if you and your partner share drop-off duty, you can each purchase mounting brackets to make swapping the side bike seamless. Whether you ride a mountain bike, a city bike, or a cruiser (basically anything other than a carbon or race bike), the Side Bike will be a simple, safe, and effective way to lug around up to 99 pounds of kid-weight. How awesome would this be for super-sporty parents who want to take a cycling-heavy vacation and who have kiddos that aren’t quite road-ready? But families with this sidecar can do more than take trips through the asphalt jungle. The Side Bike doubles as a cozy sled! Parents can cross-country ski with their little ones in tow using an additional set of draw bars and a harness. Or if wintry weather comes as a surprise to your commute, you can ditch your bike and sled home. It’s a little bit of a bummer that the phthalate-free foldable seat (which doubles as an off-road changing pad when necessary) and the seat belts are an additional cost to this sidecar, but that’s the price you pay for endless side-by-side adventures with your tots. The Scandinavian Side Bike is currently only available in the EU, but cross your fingers that they will distribute stateside soon.

+ Scandinavian Side Bike

via Fatherly