Fundraising for your kids’ school is now as simple as donating the clothes they’ve outgrown. Schoola Stitch is a new and innovative online consignment store that resells gently used brand name kids clothes. Money earned from the sale of each item is donated directly to struggling schools. The program is designed as a triple win for parents clearing out cluttered closets, moms and dads looking to save money on designer threads and schools raising money to keep vital programs running. Forget the school bake sale, this fashionable model brings innovative fundraising to new heights — and it’s eco-conscious to boot.

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Schoola was birthed in October of 2012 out of the daily deal craze offering a Groupon-esque promotional experience that helped local businesses support local schools by offering deeply discounted offers on their products and services. More than 12,000 schools nationwide have hopped on board the Schoola train and they don’t appear to be hopping off any time soon. Schoola Stitch is the next iteration in fundraising for the brand that tugs at the heartstrings of fashionable kids and parents.

Here’s how the process works: Parents unload clothing that their kids grow out of by requesting a clothing donation bag. Each bag holds up to 20 pieces of apparel items and is carefully inspected by the Schoola team. Items are photographed, priced and shared on the website. Customers in your community will then be able to purchase items online. Forty percent of the purchase price for every item will then be donated to your local school. Families can get great deals on jeans, shorts, shirts, dresses and more for both boys and girls.

The geniuses behind this modern-day fundraising program are a team comprised of internet industry veterans led by Stacey Boyd, a former teacher and principal. “Let’s make fundraising easy. Let’s keep the money in the community and help local businesses and schools benefit each other,” the Schoola team advocates on their website. “Let’s stop finding space to store cans of popcorn and figuring out ways to keep hundreds of tubs of cookie dough refrigerated. Let’s help parents participate by saving money on the things they already do.”

Learn more about Schoola Stitch and how your school can participate in this “green” fundraiser.

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