Finding the right balance between providing both scientific accuracy and interesting information can be tricky in science books for kids, with many books trending toward the boring side. Not so with the Kickstarter book series project Science Wide Open, which has already surpassed its campaign goal by more than $25,000 within two days! With plans to make three books focusing on women in chemistry, biology, and physics, Science Wide Open books explore the fascinating and often untold stories of women who have made important contributions in these fields. As educational as they are eye-opening, the book will have kids and parents alike discovering new science sheroes.

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Each book, which follows a standard 32-page children’s book format, will detail four to five scientists from varied points in history and diverse backgrounds. Despite facing numerous challenges due to their gender and societal conventions, these inspiring women were responsible for making scientific discoveries and advancements that have changed our world today. The books introduce kiddos to beginning science ideas, including the basics of DNA and cells, as well as to groundbreaking female role models. Best of all, the books present the women on a kid-friendly level, making them and their accomplishments as relatable as they are impressive. Kids won’t be able to help feeling that they too can delve into any scientific field and make a difference. The easy-to-understand text and vibrant illustrations make Science Wide Open a natural fit for curious kids of any gender. There’s been a proliferation of awesome books promoting brave women lately, but we strongly believe there’s always room for more.

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