The amount of fabric wasted by the clothing industry is staggering, and much of it is non-biodegradable. While working as a tailor and sample machinist, designer Berta Kassai witnessed this waste firsthand and decided to do something about it. By blending together fabric scraps and unused notions, Kassai  creates stylish clothing for children and thus Scrappy Kids, Kassai’s clothing label, was born. Kassai’s garments are made using 100%-recycled materials. Using high-quality manufacturing techniques, Kassai makes clothing to last. “I take great care in the finish of my products as they are designed to be handed down and last for generations. This timeless quality enables future children to delight in the clothing you buy for your child today,” she says.

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Kassai creates everything from funky winter vests to breezy summer dresses and accepts custom orders on her designs. Her Etsy shop describes each piece, including the place where she acquired each scrap of fabric that was used in creating the item, giving a unique history to each item she sells. But beyond creating sustainable fashion, Kassai also creates incredibly stylish pieces as well, with designs that will please not only the eco-conscious parent, but the style conscious one as well.

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