The always fun Fred & Friends is offering up two new scream-worthy ice cube tray designs, just in time for a bone chilling (literally) Halloween. The new Ice Scream Ice Cube Tray and Chillipedes Cennipede Ice Cube Tray will be arriving on store shelves very soon and are sure to add some spunk to the typical Halloween cider or punch – at both kid and adult minded Halloween parties. Fred & Friends uses food-safe, super-strong, non-toxic food-grade silicone or rubber for all their ice cube trays, and the company packages their trays in a clear recyclable gift box.

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No stranger to the spooky scene, Fred & Friends also offers past Halloween ice cube tray delights such as Bone Chillers, Brain Freeze and icy Cold Blooded vampire teeth. All trays are dishwasher-safe and ice does slide easily out – trust me, at my house we have the awesome, but not so Halloween minded, Cool Jazz Ice Stirrers and the little groovy guitars that slide right into drinks. Any of these ice cube trays will make a super-fun and spooky addition to your green Halloween celebration.

+ NEW Ice Scream Ice Cube Tray – $8.49

+ NEW Chillipedes Cennipede Ice Cube Tray – $8.99

+ Perpetual Kid

Images via Fred & Friends