In a world where bullies and tragedies related to bullying consistently make headline news, we’re thrilled to report on the flip side of the coin with this heartwarming story about a kid who is attempting to grow new friendships among his peers. According to The York Daily Record, Christian Bucks, a second grader at Roundtown Elementary School, noticed that some of his classmates had zero friends to play with on the playground at recess — and he decided to change that. Bucks came up with the idea of the “buddy bench” after hearing about a buddy bench at a school in Germany. How the buddy bench works is that any student who is feeling lonely on the playground can go sit on the bench and another student will hopefully head over and see if they would like to play or just talk. Roundtown principal, Matthew Miller, loved the idea when Bucks brought it to his attention last year and helped set Bucks small, but significant plan into action. How is the buddy bench working out? Bucks notes that as the idea grows, “We show we care about others when we ask others to play. I also hope that new friendships will be made because of the buddy bench.” This one small step is a great reminder to kids and adults that we can all make a difference – why not share this inspiring story and video with your own child?

+ Buddy Bench at Roundtown Elementary to Help Foster Friendships

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