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Last year, Carol Levitt’s 2nd grade glass took a field trip to the High Line park and afterward, the kids asked to build a large model of the park. Levitt thought the project would be an excellent way to teach the kids about a variety of topics including the life-cycle of plants, our city’s industrial history, architecture, design, and the importance of community participation.

The kids built a model of the High Line both before and after the renovation – one model features dirt, plants and a broken down train track, while the other features the surrounding buildings, design details of the park, and stairs that access the elevated tracks. Students used building blocks, cardboard, construction paper, aluminum foil, plastic, and other found materials to create the popular park and even included 10th Avenue Square, and other neighborhood landmarks near the park, like The Standard Hotel and Pastis.

Levitt said, “The children in my group feel as if the High Line somehow belongs to them. They joyfully take their parents, grandparents, and friends of all ages to the High Line and tell them the story. The children followed the approval of the Rail Yards with cheers. How extraordinary that they studied the High Line as it grew and will continue to grow. They see themselves as being the future of the High Line—which they will indeed be.”

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