Before we tell you about this awesome new customizable kids book, we’re going to throw a few facts at you: 4% of executives at S & P 500 companies are women of color. 5% of leadership jobs in technology are held by women. Yet 80% of jobs in the next decade will require tech skills. Clearly, there is a lot of work to be done in multiple areas, and a new personalized children’s book from Radseed is a hopeful sign that we can start change in society from a young age. Secret Code makes your daughter (or niece or your best friend’s little girl) the starring role of the story, which is awesome for several reasons: books featuring a male lead character far outnumber those with female lead characters, and, if your child is a person of color, they are even less likely to see characters that look like themselves in books. And, of course, there’s something really cool about having your name incorporated into the book title too! But Secret Code is more than a book… read on for more about this creative effort.

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Secret Code can be customized according to hair color, skin color, and hairstyle, so the hero looks like your girl too! There even appears to be the possibility of choosing family configurations, such as single parents or same-sex parents. When the book arrives, it will include all the personalized info, and your girl can jump right into the storyline about robots and coding and being a STEM superstar. The book hasn’t launched yet, so we don’t have plot details, but Radseed promises that the character will be a “trailblazing hero,” which sounds good to us! Radseed is also working on additional coding and basic engineering activities that will get your girl even more interested in STEM.

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Reading, coding, girl power and more: this multi-pronged and interactive, fun, and educational effort is exactly what we need to build the next generation of empowered, capable, and brave young women! Sign up via Radseed’s website to get the 411 on when the book is ready to launch (sometime in fall 2016).

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