October 12 is National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day. Sponsors KIWI magazine and the School Nutrition Association hope you’ll use this opportunity to head over to your child’s school for lunch. The event, a co-event of National School Lunch Week (October 10th-14th) is all about healthy eating for kids and parents getting more involved in school nutrition. This year’s National School Lunch Week theme is “School Lunch: Let’s Grow Healthy.” However, you can’t know if your child’s school lunch is healthy (or even edible), unless you actually see what’s being served to your child once in a while. With that in mind, National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day is an event worth participating in. You might think school lunch is a small issue, but your child will typically spend about 12 years in school. If your child’s school is serving up poor quality school lunches that’s about 2,280 days worth of those lunches, so this event does matter.

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Before joining your child for lunch at school, let the school know that you’re coming, so they can make sure there’s enough food to go around. If the school can’t be ready by October 12, plan a lunch meet-up for another day. Once at the school, see what your child is eating and talk to the people who serve your child food day in and day out. National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day is about being able to discover what school lunch issues at your child’s school are working well and what’s not working well. This event should open up a discussion about how parents and the school can can work together to make school food better.

Learn more about how lunch can help kids grow strong and healthy through the School Nutrition Association’s special site for parents, Tray Talk. See more school lunch resources for parents below.

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