Tau Kids Furniture hails from Germany and their pieces are made to last for generations. The Sesa Seesaw is one such piece; a clever design that’s delivered as a single sheet of plywood. The single sheet holds all the parts you need to put together this lovely seesaw. Parts are easily removed from the plate, pieced together like a puzzle, and held together securely with a few screws. Once your child outgrows the seesaw, the pieces can be fit back together and the whole piece stores flat to save on space until it’s re-pieced back together for future generations.

The Sesa Seesaw is made of made of plywood with a birch veneer, coated with colored phenol resin, visible veneer layers are watertight, glued and protected by non-toxic oils and waxes. The piece has a smooth ride, shock-proof surface, and is easy to clean. Best of all it comes with non-slip floor protectors so it’s suitable for both outdoor and indoor spaces.

$800.00 – Sesa Seesaw

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