Shains Starter Kits

The Shains collection consists of cool recycled accessories that encourage and empower people to make their own statements and change said statements whenever they want. The pieces include a wide range, such as bracelets, necklaces, pet collars, hair bands, key chains, and much more all designed to work with Shains neat interchangeable icons and letters, called elements. Elements fit various Shains’ products so mixing and matching keeps your child’s style fresh. The best way to get started with Shains is to choose one of their great Starter Kits which come with a bracelet or choker and 60 or 100 elements. Elements may include the alphabet, numbers and icons.

+ Starter Kits $9.00-$19.95

Eco-friendly & Safe Accessories

All of Shains bracelets, chokers and cuffs are made with recycled TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer, a rubber) and all the elements, the interchangeable icons, are made of recycled ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). This is safe, non-toxic jewelry for kids – everything Shains sells is tested and passes all U.S. and European safety standards including CPSIA and EN71 requirements. All Shains packaging is made of recycled materials and the little element bags are polypropylene, which is the least harmful material Shains found for this purpose. When Shains pieces have been worn to death, they’re recyclable, plus the company gives back a percentage of net profits to environmental organizations.

Metal Urges

Shains considers the style choices of all kids, not just the very young. For example, their Metal Urges collection is bolder and not so bright as their other collections, so it will appeal to a larger amount of youth, especially teens. This line is still eco-friendly though, made with pewter and recycled letters and icons.

+ Metal Urges $4.50-$25.00

Jane Goodall Save the Animals Kit

One of Shains newest theme kits is the the Save the Animals kit, made in partnership with the Jane Goodall institute. This set includes including 50 endangered species icons to create awareness and style at the same time. 10% of net sales from this product goes to the Jane Goodall institute to help support programs including Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots.

+ Jane Goodall Save the Animals Kit $12.00

Glow in the Dark

Kids of all ages will flip for Shains glow in the dark collection. These bands and elements offer long lasting glowing fun as they react to the sun, lamps and other artificial light sources. Perfect for a camping trip or late-night slumber party.

+ Glow in the Dark $4.00-$10.00

Extra Goodies

One of the best things about Shains is that all their kid-friendly jewelry is 100% affordable. Plus, because Shains offers dozens of cool elements to choose from your child can mix and match or design new pieces when the mood hits. Lastly, beyond awesome jewelry, Shains offers pet collars, practical and fun notebooks, bookmarks, hair bands and much more, all waiting to be personalized by your child.

+ Notebooks $13.00

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