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From building your own animals (imagine a greener, more versatile version of Mr. Potato Head) to decorating trees on which children can hang birds, fruit, or leaves, Shusha offers oodles of creative and visually-stimulating options for toddlers and older children. For littler ones, there are balancing toys with owls and the moon and stars. One of our favorites from Shusha will get kids designing and imagining over and over again by creating a quilt from multicolored shapes to cover a painted bed of sleeping children.

The creators of Shusha infuse their toys with wit as well as a recognition of their culture. Shusha’s block set of facial features are silly and endearing, and they also have block sets to mimic the aesthetic of Russian architecture. The designers of Shusha say their culture influences them style-wise as well as in their materials.The quilts, the Russian grandmother, and additional characters that are used in their blocks are all drawn from their traditions, and wood is a time-honored material in Russian toys. We’d be game to say passing along the ability to laugh and celebrate diverse cultures is just as important as all those motor skills (which, of course, Shusha toys also reenforce)! Now if only we could figure out where to buy them…

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