It’s common knowledge these days that water bottles are environmental sins. According to the Container Recycling Institute, only about 14% of all disposable water bottles are recycled, and those that are recycled are down-cycled into a lower form of plastic, rarely getting turned back into more bottles. On top of that, plastic can leach harmful chemicals into your kids’ apple juice. Even Nalgene is rethinking their plastic recipe. We say ditch the plastic altogether, and look to SIGG aluminum bottles, which are 100% recyclable, and 100% inert, ideal for kids and adults… and they come in tons of colorful designs in every size.

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You can choose from 144 bottle designs and 22 interchangeable lids, when it comes to selecting your SIGG bottle. These smart, kid-friendly drink holders will surely outlast your children’s toddler years, some making it over a decade without needing to be replaced. SIGG as a company is 100 years old, and they’ve mastered a streamlined production process that minimizes waste and energy consumption. And they’re made with no harmful plastics. Would you want your tots drinking out of anything else?

SIGG’s proprietary internal coating is taste and scent neutral, and baked into the inner walls to prevent it from chipping or flaking off. They also exceed stringent FDA requirements, so 0.0% of the bottle’s materials leach into the liquid. We’ll raise our bottles to that.