Summer’s on its way, and you and your little ones are going to be out and about enjoying nature. Staying hydrated is important, but carrying around all those plastic water bottles is not only bulky and expensive, but super bad for the planet. Buying your tot his very own reusable water bottle is a great green alternative to using plastic disposable bottles. Read on to find out why now is the best time ever to choose a cool, new reusable water bottle from SIGG.

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SIGG Kids bottles are tested to be 100% safe, durable and leak-proof. You can fill your tot’s SIGG with water, milk, or organic juice, and rest assured that flavors wash out after each use. No icky, weird tasting water! SIGG bottles are also non-toxic, 100% leach-free, and dishwasher safe. Best of all, SIGG bottles cut down on all that plastic waste. What sort of plastic waste?:

The big Earth Day water bottle sale!: In honor of Earth Day, SIGG has joined forces with their pals at 1% For The Planet. Head to SIGG, choose your favorite water bottle for the kiddo (or yourself) and enter the code SIGGEARTH at checkout to score $5 off your bottle. BONUS: SIGG always contributes 1% of global sales to environmental causes, but if you use this code, they’ll donate an extra $1 for each bottle sold. This is a super deal for environmental causes and for you.

$17.99 SIGG Kids bottles – starting cost, not counting discount.