Books: the scourge of every environmentally conscious parent. It takes about 6% of a tree to make a ream of non-recycled paper. That doesn’t seem like much, but consider the fact that each year in the US, over 2 billion books are published (not to mention magazines and newspapers), and that equates to a whole lot of trees. But you can’t not read to your kids. Thankfully, Simon & Schuster’s Little Green Books are coming soon to a bookstore near you.

“The first eco-friendly line of children’s novelty and storybooks aimed at parents and children,” the current line includes the stories of a little panda, a little monkey, a little monster and a plastic bottle – a really big one. The packaging is made of 100% recycled materials, while the books themselves are comprised of 50% post-consumer waste.

“With environmental issues taking center-stage, we felt that launching a line of books using environmentally friendly materials and themes would be an appropriate contribution,” said Valerie Garfield, Vice President, Publisher for Novelty and Licensed Publishing in the Little Green press release. The books “allow parents to introduce young children to some of the issues surrounding the environment and teach what they can do to help preserve it.”

Little Green Books debut this Fall, and because they are coming from a major imprint, they will be available at most major booksellers. That means you can take a stroll to your neighborhood bookstore and save on the carbon produced by an delivery.

Most Little Green promotions will involve a lot of green activities. Giveaways will include ‘plantable’ bookmarks, partnerships will be made with grassroots eco-friendly organizations, and Simon & Schuster has planned a marketing website with downloadable formats to reduce print waste… and what is printed will be done so on recycled stock using vegetable-based inks.

You may find more information on… just don’t print any of it.