Breastfeeding just got even greener thanks to Simple Wishes for adding BPA and phthalate-free Oxo-biodegradable HoneySuckle Breastmilk Storage Bags to their collection of nursing supplies. Best-known for their hands-free breastpump bra, Simple Wishes decided they wanted to make a breastmilk bag that could be recycled and break down naturally when exposed to heat and UV rays. Their breastmilk storage bags are made from non-toxic, Oxo-biodegradable and recyclable food-grade materials. Read on to learn more about the eco-friendly and convenient features of these innovative new breast milk storage bags.

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HoneySuckle Breastmilk Bags are extremely durable as well as leak-proof. The lip of the bag has a pour spout, so transferring milk is super easy. The bags have been pre-sterilized and they have a tamper evident seal. They also have a multi-ridged bottom to resist cracking and leaking once frozen.

Additional handy features include a double top zipper and side seals to prevent leaks. You still want to lay the bags flat when storing since liquid expands when frozen. But once frozen, you can stand the bags up vertically.

HoneySuckle breastmilk storage bags have a place for writing the volume of milk, date, and you or your baby’s name. This is perfect if you pump at work and store in a freezer/fridge with other moms, or if you send the bags to daycare.

+ HoneySuckle Breastmilk Storage Bags $5.90-$10.90

+ Simple Wishes