For kids’ beds with a mid-century modern verve, look to Pluunk, a new line of crisp, almost Zen-like sleepers available exclusively at Inquisitive Kid. Designed and made in Canada from maple and walnut woods, Pluunk‘s single and bunk beds are finished with natural beeswax for a warm, contemporary vibe that translates well into adolescence. The company also offers urban salvaged hardwood as an option, as well as several custom add-ons, like a wall-mount panel or a pair of under-the-bed drawers for the twin bed.

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The bunk bed, composed of two independent sections, is even more configurable. The lower platform bed can be tucked directly beneath the upper bunk, at a perpendicular angle, or moved to the other end of the room. With ladders on both sides, the bed can be pushed into a corner, against a wall, or left freestanding without issues regarding access. Plus, the cut-outs on the side panels are more than just eye candy—they can be turned into a stage for spontaneous puppet shows or used as props (the window of a castle, perhaps?) during pretend play.

+ Pluunk Twin Bed $1,900-$4,200, Pluunk Bunk Bed $3,750-$4,900 at Inquisitive Kid