Regardless of previous experience, fathers can braid.. and fashion hair into perfect ballerina buns… and bond with their daughters while styling their hair! That’s the message from Daddy Daughter Hair Factory and Philippe Morgese, the single dad who organizes and runs hair care classes for dads and their daughters. These free classes began in Florida, but they are now held in states including Pennsylvania, Texas, Kansas, and Indiana, and all are designed to teach dads the basics of caring for and styling their daughter’s hair. Morgese stresses that the classes are about more than braids, and that they help dads get involved in their young daughters’ lives and teach them self-respect. The low-key, no tech classes are also an attempt to build confidence in the dads and to convince these men that their daughter’s hair care is not as intimidating as it looks! As Morgese says, “Raising a kid is so complex; doing hair is simple, but if it gives the opportunity for a parent to bond with their kid, you’ve got to take it.” Daddy Daughter Hair Factory has been expanding quickly, so check out local classes as well as their Facebook page for helpful hairstyling tips and some of the impressive ‘dos that Morgese creates for his daughter Emma.

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Images via Daddy Daughter Hair Factory’s Facebook page