Dunck Stacking Bath Toys are fun for kids to fill, pour and stack. This toy is also useful for parents who want a less scary way to rinse suds off little heads. Each adorable set of three colorful ducks float on the water, just like real ducks, and offers endless bath-time fun. Plus, when bath-time is over these little ducks stack neatly away. This toy is BPA-free, phthalate-free and PVC-free, plus dishwasher safe. When Skip Hop first introduced their fun Dunck Stacking Bath Toys, they came in shades of cool blue, green and yellow, but now they’ve added some new and exciting Dunck toys in pink, orange and bright yellow as well. It’s nice to have toxic-free, affordable bath-time fun with neat color choices!

+ Dunck Stacking Bath Toys $10.00 for set of 3

+ Skip Hop