Kids’ imaginations run wild, and they are just so open to the idea of EVERYTHING being real: even villages floating in the sky doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility. At Brooklyn Children’s Museum and SPARK, a BCM outpost located in Brooklyn Bridge Park, this fanciful notion comes to life in the form of block heaven. James Paulius’s Sky Villages are interactive installations that beckon children to come and build. Clouds serve as mini storage units for the tessellating pieces, which can be interlocked and combined in numerous ways. Made from reclaimed Douglas-fir that was originally part of Manhattan water towers, the blocks can be stacked so that the villages can continue to grow. A metal prod attaches the pieces together but allows for them to be easily rearranged and reorganized into different configurations. As fanciful as the Sky Villages are, their creation is actually a way for the artist/designer to get others to consider their own future: “As Earth’s population increases, we may look to the atmosphere for inhabitable space. Sky Villages presents the possibility to dwell in the sky in modular architecture that can be added or removed as populations increase or decrease.” While your little ones aren’t likely to be concerned with overpopulation or how lightly they are treading on our planet, they will enjoy creating their own little worlds with Paulius’s playful designs. If this particular block design seems familiar, it’s because Paulius is also the designer behind Blockitecture‘s cool and modern stackers.

+ Sky Villages by James Paulius

+ James Paulius