Moms and dads, your life just got a little bit easier! The Sleepin’ Smart crib sheet topper from Innobaby is a simple, yet ingenious addition to every parent’s repertoire. The savvy design enables you to use this certified organic cotton sheet with a built-in waterproof mattress pad  in a variety of ways. Lay it in your family bed to safeguard your sheets from diaper leaks and spit-up while co-sleeping with baby. Or, if your little one sleeps in a crib, it’s no longer necessary to struggle with changing the crib sheet by lifting out the entire mattress to secure the corners. This topper features four corner ties, so you simply fasten the ties to the crib and you’re done. Additionally, a mom-to-be may sleep atop the crib sheet topper during her final weeks of pregnancy to protect bedding in the event her water breaks — and the sturdy sheet also offers a barrier between potty-training tots and their sheets. *One side of the sheet is comprised of certified organic flannel for use during winter months.

+ Sleepin’ Smart Crib Sheet Topper $39.99

+ Innobaby