Here’s another item in our growing list of tech stuff that parents and babies don’t really need: a $199 Smart Changing Pad from Hatch Baby. To be fair, the changing pad does have some practical applications: it can track a baby’s growth, feedings, sleep schedule, and diaper changes. But you know what else can track that? Your brain and/or a pencil and a piece of paper. Read on for more details about this savvy yet somewhat superfluous new gadget.

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We’ve all been there: those first few weeks and months of parenting, especially the first go-round, are challenging. Most of us, despite reading parenting books and asking our doctors, family members, and experienced parent friends a million questions, don’t really know what we are doing. It helps to keep track of the important details, especially if you are sharing childcare duties with your spouse, nanny, or babysitter. After all, your little one can’t tell you much and it’s not like they make fill-in-the-blank onesies that say, “I was last fed at ____”. Or maybe they do, and we just haven’t looked. The Hatch Baby changing pad and app will take care of those details: it features a built-in scale for weigh-ins and a touch screen pad for all the data. We also give the pad bonus points for being BPA and phthalate free.

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We are all for organization and doing whatever makes you feel confident as a parent to a newborn, but, unless your child is having weight or other health issues, this changing pad will likely just feed into our modern tech-obsessed paranoia. Yes, it’s convenient to have everything your baby did during the day in one place, but that place (i.e. your phone) happens to likely also be the place where you are already glued most of the day. The changing pad is also definitely the type of item that you will outgrow the need for quickly once you and baby get into the rhythms and schedule of daily life. Of course, it will still function as a changing table for quite some time, but all the data tracking bells and whistles will probably be forgotten before the batteries run out. We’d also add that buying a designated changing table isn’t really necessary; we simply threw down towels and pads on the bed or floor for both of my wiggly kids, which made changing diapers with them worry-free.

If you still want to keep track of it all without the changing pad, you can download the Hatch Baby app for a trial run.

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+ Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad $199.00

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