Think of Andensen Furniture’sSmart Kid” as a child’s bedroom-in-a-box, except that in this instance, the box also happens to be the crib. Made from solid birch and plywood, the multifunctional kit starts out as a crib/changing table/dresser combo, but it can easily be taken apart and reassembled as a playpen, a desk, a chalkboard and book rack, or a junior bed for tykes up to 10 years of age.

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The clever, transforming design not only saves parents the hassle of schlepping furniture in and out of the house to meet their child’s evolving needs, but it also conserves both money and natural resources.

We’re particularly impressed with the ample storage that has been built in. Drawers that once held onesies and diapers can slide underneath the bed to hold linens or, alternatively, form part of the desk while corralling school supplies.

+ Smart Kid €899.00

+ Adensen Furniture

via Yanko Design