Looking for a way to cut back on all the holiday consumer madness this year? SoKind can help. SoKind, a project of The Center for a New American Dream, is a gift registry service for a more thoughtful, less consumer minded generation. SoKind can help you and your family and friends plan a joyful and meaningful holiday event by encouraging gifts that don’t focus solely on more stuff, such as homemade gifts, charitable donations, secondhand goods, experience gifts, gifts of time, day-of-event help, and more. At SoKind you can create your own fully customizable registry service for any holiday celebration from baby showers to Christmas to birthdays and more. Below are some less consumer-minded gift ideas you may want to register:

  • Art, music or cooking lessons
  • Help with gardening, yard work, sewing or babysitting
  • Double-date night
  • Playdates or pet sitting
  • Family photography session
  • Entry passes to the gym, zoo or museum
  • Subscription to a local CSA
  • Event tickets for concerts or plays
  • Rock climbing, sailing, or camping trip
  • Donations to your favorite charity
  • Volunteer hours for a local organization
  • Carbon offsets
  • Handmade gifts such as a photo album, recipe book or homegrown fruits and vegetables
  • Secondhand gifts from thrift stores
  • Contribution to a child’s college fund
  • And so much more!

How it Works

Think: SoKind encourages you to think outside the gift box and asks you to focus on what really matters. Consider what sort of gifts are really needed in your life. Choose ideas that reflect your values and that don’t involve purchasing expensive gifts. You can gleam inspiration by looking at some sample SoKind gift ideas and registries.

Sign Up: Once you decide on what sort of registry you’d like, you can kick your plan into gear with a quick sign up. When you add a gift idea, include helpful information about said idea for family and friends. You can even upload an image and link to the website where your gift idea can be found.

Spread the Joy: Spread your consumer-free holiday plan to everyone you know by sending a personalized announcement to your friends and family. SoKind even keeps track of what gifts have been given. SoKind also allows you to send e-cards.

SoKind is the perfect way to help you get back to what really matters during the holiday season and beyond: love, joy, family, friends, fun and less stuff, not to mention far fewer credit card bills, less stress and less waste.

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