We all know that bringing your cute, sweet, tiny, perfect, cuddly – did I say cute? – bundle of joy to weddings or other formal events is a no-no. However, that is no reason not to dress up your aforementioned object of affection in Somebubby Baby Ties and Bowtie Onesie Ensembles. We first fell in love with Somebubby apparel at The Baby Show NYC. These too cute for words ‘formal’ outfits for baby are made in the USA from 100% cotton. The ties and bowties are made from designer vintage neckties so every tie-piece is one-of-a-kind and unique. They would be perfect for birthdays, dinner parties, or simply hitting the town with mommy and daddy — and an added bonus is that all proceeds benefit savethechildren.org.

+ Somebubby Baby Ties & Bowtie Onesie Ensembles $35