To customize a Sophie & Lili handmade 12-inch doll you can choose different attributes from the designer’s chart. Select an appropriate hairstyle (braids, pixie, long side-swept), hair color and skin tone. You can even add headbands and clips.

You can also customize the outfit your doll will be wearing. Girl dolls are best in a-line shapes according to the designer – so dresses are better than jeans or leggings for example. However, you’re free to request different styles, color schemes or patterns. For the cape-wearing, super boy dolls, she asks customers to specify t-shirt color, cape color, sneaker color and an initial for the front. The back of each doll is simply a print that compliments your custom-designed front – some are new and some are vintage.

While the dolls aren’t made out of organic materials, they are printed on high-quality quilter’s cotton and handmade in the USA. We’re also impressed that a custom, handmade doll comes at such an affordable price ($35.00) as well.

+ Custom Handmade Girl Doll $35.00

+ Custom Handmade Boy Doll $35.00

+ Sophie & Lili