Whether you’re looking for a great new bag as a refreshing accessory for spring, or you’d like a hip alternative to mainstream diaper bags, Sparrow Handbags are classy, sustainably designed totes with the versatility to both lug your baby’s gear all over town and fit right into your repertoire if you’re out and about sans your little one.

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Handmade in British Columbia, Sparrow Handbags boast amazing, ecologically responsible design practices, which will make eco-conscious consumers proud carriers of their wares. Every bag in the Sparrow Handbag collection is made from organic, sustainable materials, inside and out.  Textiles are SKAL certified and dyed with low impact dyes, organic cotton and hemp comprise each bag, and bag bottoms are cut from recycled tetra boxes. Animal lovers will be thrilled to learn that Sparrow’s stylish bags are also vegan: no products in their bags are derived from animals – this includes leather, wool, fur and silk.

We love that these bags are heavy on style and light on the earth, proving that Sparrow has really got it in the bag when it comes to combining fashion with forward thinking.

+ Hakima Handbag $104

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