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Kathryn posted pictures of her Harry Potter tree to her Facebook page accompanied by the simple quote: “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the ‘Christmas Lights.'” Fellow Harry Potter fans will love gazing upon the branches, even virtually, to appreciate all of the items that Burnett explains aren’t ornaments, but she fashioned them to fit on the tree: Harry’s invitation to Hogwarts and his unmistakable spectacles, a howler letter, the golden snitch, Ron Weasley’s trusty, battered Ford Anglia, Marauder’s Map — even an ornament nod to Slytherin, the house Burnett subscribes to, according to Buzzfeed. Burnett also told Buzzfeed that her favorite decoration is the Cornish pixie tugging on the Sorting Hat atop the tree.

We also love the surrounding staging details such as the Hogwarts Express train, Hedwig the owl, a chocolate frog, a Quidditch broom and so much more! Consider us spellbound!

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via Buzzfeed and Metro

Images © Kathryn Burnett via Facebook