The minimalist aesthetic of modern design can sometimes be too austere for children’s environments—”clean” tends to go against a kid’s lifestyle. But the husband and wife team behind Spot On Square found a way to unite simple modern design with the softer characteristics of youth products.

Bob and Nicole Springer have twins and a third child born just 18 months after the first two. With a handful of toddlers on their hands, the industrial designer and teacher applied their know-how to launching a small line of furniture and wall décor for kids like theirs. They use only non-toxic paints, adhesives and finishes in their pieces, as well as recycled and reclaimed MDF. Parents who choose the bamboo for their hardwood selection when customizing their furniture end up with a highly sustainable product.

Spot On Square currently offers a crib, dresser, toddler bed, night stand, shelving unit, and changing tray. They also have a series of wall art which features cut-outs of animal faces in birch, bamboo or MDF, left bare or painted a bright solid color. Since their kids are the inspiration and the target audience for their company, we can probably count on the Springers to keep designing furniture lines that follow the growth of their toddlers into childhood.

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