We’ve always been a fan of Sprig Toys, but until now most of their toys have been designed for preschool-aged kids and older, leaving our littlest family members out of the fun loop. Luckily, this holiday season you can score some new lovely Spring baby toys, such as the very cool Sprig Shake N’ Stack, the cute little Eco Shaker or a nice set of chunky first Eco-Blocks. Like all Sprig toys, these baby toys are made with freshly scented recycled Sprigwood; a durable, kid-safe bio-composite material made of bits of reclaimed wood and recycled plastic. Each Sprig toy is packaged in recycled packaging printed with water-based inks and have zero plastic twist ties.

+ Sprig Toys Eco Shaker $5.00

+ Sprig Shake N’ Stack $14.99

+ Sprig Eco-Blocks 50 pieces CA 27.99

+ Sprig