Sprig Toys is merging with Wham-O (the toy manufacturer responsible for the Hula Hoop, Hacky Sack, and the Frisbee) to offer its eco-friendly toys under the freshly minted Wham-O Jr. label, albeit under its original moniker. Although Sprig loses its indie bragging rights, the award-winning company will be able to tap into Wham-O’s extensive supply-and-distribution chain, which spells not only greater ubiquity on store shelves but also lower prices.

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On the flip side, Wham-O gains access to Sprigwood, Sprig‘s proprietary bio-composite of recycled wood and reclaimed plastic. “We plan to implement the ‘Sprigwood’ material in many of our products,” said Kyle Aguilar, CEO of Wham-O, in a press release.

Besides an updated version of Sprig’s popular Eco-Trucks (now $7.99 each) that makes room for Sprig Adventures characters, the toy maker will also be introducing a line of Eco-Blocks ($4.99 for 18 blocks) and — what else? — a set of frisbees ($4.99 each) in three colors.

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