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In spite of major protests against Squirrel Slam 2013, which was dubbed a “fun family event” where families, (including children) are encouraged to hunt down and kill squirrels, the same fire department in Holley, New York is sponsoring yet another squirrel slam this year. The slam, taking place on February 22, 2014, garnered some significant negative press last year with letters of protest from the The Humane Society of the United States and the United Supporters of the Fire Department not to mention a press conference with New York Senator Avella and Friends of Animals (FoA) along with over 15,000 signatures on 3 petitions, but still squirrel slam 2013 took place, and many kids and adults were out there killing innocent animals. Clearly, much more work is needed in order to convince the Holly Fire Department that engaging kids in bloodbath events is a horrible idea.

The video above highlights the horrid experience of FoA when they protested last year’s squirrel slam. The video also draws attention to Senate and Assembly bills that would ban animal killing contests in New York. New York state Sen. Tony Avella notes, “Animal killing contests like the shocking ‘Squirrel Slam’ held in Holley, N.Y. for the past eight years have no place in a civilized society, therefore, I strongly support passage of Senate Bill # 4074 to outlaw these killing contests. At Friends of Animals’ urging, this is the second year I’ve pressed the Holley Fire Department to cancel the controversial ‘Squirrel Slam’ in favor of a less violent way of raising money. Children as young as 12 should not be encouraged to shoot squirrels to win prizes. That practice is similar to bounty hunting. Killing contests like the ‘Squirrel Slam’ provide an incentive to children and adults to shoot many animals to win prizes— a disturbing, irrational activity that’s out-of-pace with New York culture and must end throughout the state.”

The entire event is a disgrace. The comments from supporters are terrible as well – just check out the Holly Fire Dept. comment page – they’re only posting positive comments such as, “I just told my 8 year old daughter about the Squirrel Slam. Can I go? She asked, with her eyes wide open with excitement.” And,  “Shoot on!!! Sounds like fun!! Wish more places would do something like this.” If you want to help end events that encourage young children to pick up guns and knives and kill animals for fun, then check out the following tips: