Like many of us, Bright Eyed Baby founder Ashley loved to travel in her pre-baby days. Now that she has a young son, she found a way to pass on her wanderlust with a line of flash cards that celebrates each state’s unique attributes. Currently, the waterproof and tear-proof flash cards are available for California, Colorado, and Washington. Each set of 30 cards is illustrated with bold graphic pictures that remind us of old travel postcards — bearing words associated with the state, including the state flower and flag, as well as other cultural references (ie: Washington includes a lumberjack and California has cards with the Golden Gate Bridge and an avocado). The chunky state flash cards, made of recycled materials and printed with soy ink, are a fun way to incorporate geography into play and a great way to keep away the “Are we there yet?”s during long car rides this summer. They would also look great arranged on a child’s wall for a bright, visual way to get kids interested in the world around them.

+ State flashcards $18.00

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