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Samsofy references popular movie characters (and arranges for some, such as ET and Darth Vader, to meet for presumably the first time), and almost always adds a dash of humor to the tableaux. We are particularly fond of Batman and Catwoman chilling at home in a piece entitled “Sunday Night in Gotham.” Star Wars characters, Simpsons characters, and superheroes are in heavy rotation in Samsofy’s works.

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Samsofy, who calls himself a plastician photographer, likes to play with the juxtaposition of the LEGO minifigures’ tiny stature in relation to the larger world. The scenarios are seldom elaborate, but it’s the simplicity of the setups and the hysterical and vivid expressions that add to the clever, yet silly vibe.

The photographer also incorporates everyday objects such as cameras or even cats to play with perspective. Creating these miniworlds is now Samsofy’s full time job, which sounds like a pretty awesome gig if you can get it. Even if you can’t, we fully support you staving off boredom by creating some of these LEGO scenarios with your own kids’ stash, whether during naptime or not!

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