Whether you receive it before preschool starts or after the first day of class, inevitably going back to school  comes with a list of must-buy supplies per your child’s teacher. While you may feel like crossing a few things off the list, and you may have colored pencils from last year that seem good enough, when you do have to buy supplies, it’s helpful to have a place that you can trust to have an eco-friendly selection. Stubby Pencil Studio, which offers all kind of eco-friendly stationery and art products for kids, has a comprehensive go-to section of green back to school supplies so can score everything your kid needs all in one fell swoop.

Fulfill class requirements the green way with a box of 64 soy crayons, watercolor paints, eco-friendly colored pencils, a banana paper notebook, PVC-free lunch bags, recycled cardboard pencil sharpeners, recycled rulers made from old yellow pages and cedar wood scrap number two pencils. And if you really want to help your kid ace his next test, add a set of Smart Smencils to the list. The peppermint-scented pencils are made from 100 percent recycled newspaper and experts say peppermint improves concentration and sparks brain activity.

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