When he’s not designing furniture modeled after pizzly bears, Masahiro Minami, finds the time to teach a design seminar at the University of Shiga Prefecture. A byproduct of his latest seminar, which just wrapped up last month, was SUMICA, designed by 22-year old Michiko Eguchi. Eguchi designed SUMICA to teach children the value of personal belongings, as well as the significance of the furniture that houses our treasured possessions.

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The stool and desk do double duty as functional pieces during playtime or learning time, and the dresser, modeled after several everyday items such as a refrigerator, sink, microwave and safe, provides efficient storage. The desk and chair may be stacked atop the dresser to save space and provide a different aesthetic. SUMICA is crafted with all-natural, colorful woods including Oak, Black Walnut, Japanese Horse Chestnut, Royal Paulownia, and Assamela — which all complement each other beautifully to bring this design to fruition.


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