A new small study shows that feminist mamas are more likely to be invested in attachment parenting than their non-feminist peers. The study, recently published in the journal Sex Roles, asked 222 women who consider themselves feminists and 209 women who consider themselves non-feminists questions about key practices related to attachment parenting. For example, mothers were asked how important issues like baby wearing, co-sleeping and extended breastfeeding were to them. Women who identified as feminists were more likely to be on board with all of the attachment parenting practices researchers asked about. This fact apparently surprised the researchers and the self-identified non-feminists, who told the study’s authors that acts like breastfeeding and baby wearing were likely trivial matters to feminists, at least in comparison to issues like fighting for gender equality.

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This study blows apart the theory that feminists are mainly concerned with themselves and issues outside of the home and study authors concluded that there’s no such thing as a typical feminist. Of course, other organizations have long considered care-giving of children to be a major feminist issue, and due to issues surrounding slack maternity leave and breastfeeding discrimination, which primarily target women, we’re inclined to agree. That said, we’d also argue there’s no such thing as a typical parent, attachment or otherwise. Most of us are trying to be good parents by whatever means necessary, labels be damned.

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