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With Sumblox, kids can tackle addition, multiplication, addends to ten, fractions, not to mention all sorts of fun patterns and designs. For visual learners, these blocks are especially useful and could be key to helping a frustrated math learner discover that math can actually be fun! Many of us learned basic math skills by rote memorization and repetition. Sumblox are a clever and clear way for kids to actually see the numbers that they are working with and try out various combinations.

The creators of Sumblox designed the blocks so that each number has a height value representing the number (i.e 10 is the largest, 1 is the smallest). So when kids are trying to figure out what 3 + 6 is, they will realize that stacking those two blocks results in the same height as the 9 block and therefore equals 9. Genius, right? Fractions can be a notoriously difficult concept for kids to grasp, and Sumblox reduces the stress by helping kids understand how the math works, how the numbers can be scaled up or down, and the relationship of fraction “parts” to wholes. YOU can even use Sumblox to slyly dust off your own math skills if they haven’t been used in a few decades.

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For tiny tots, the numbers won’t likely mean much, even though they will gradually gain number recognition simply through handling the numbers time and again. Playing with, revolving, and stacking the different shapes and sizes of the numbers will help with an understanding of size, balance, and spatial awareness. The sturdy hardwood blocks make it easy for hands big and small to grasp the Sumblox, and we love how the neutral and natural color of the blocks allows kids to focus on the numbers instead of distracting and contrasting design elements.

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Schools and child care centers are going to go crazy for these block sets, and we’re all for bringing more play into learning and giving kids the skills they’ll need while teaching them that learning can actually be an active and imaginative pursuit. The Teacher Set includes 100 blocks plus four lesson books for addition/subtraction, fractions, multiplication, and adding fractions. The home set, which comes with an activity card, consists of 43 blocks.

+ Sumblox sets $119.99-$299.99

Images via Sumblox and Sumblox’s Facebook page