Books are like bunnies in our house: they seem to multiply in the blink of an eye and totter in piles around every room even after we’ve lined our bookshelves. We fully support any reading fans (burgeoning and otherwise), and these superhero and super heroine bookends and shelves offer a super cute way to keep books off the floor. A strong, covertly placed magnet makes the superheroes appear as if they are suspended in midair, using their force to raise books up or keep them from toppling over. Mount a shelf bracket with the matching silhouette cut-out of the superhero onto a wall — the shelf can hold up to 7.7 pounds, a pretty impressive feat for such a small superhero. The bookends work in a similar fashion, but use an angled shelf to slip below a row of books. As a result, the¬†book superheroes seem like they are pushing with all their strength to keep your tomes free from disorder and chaos. A playful approach for a functional and growing need in our household, these sturdy metal bookends and bookshelves are a fun addition for kids’ rooms and make book clean-up and organization a little more, well, super!

+ Book Heroine Bookend $25.00

+ Book Hero Bookend $25.00

+ Wonder Shelf $25.00

+ Super Shelf $25.00