You can bet your kid will love seeing her name spelled out throughout her Frecklebox personalized coloring book. You won’t just find your child’s name scrawled across the cover though, it will be repeated again and again as part of a simple story inside the coloring book’s pages, too. Beyond classic coloring books, Frecklebox also offers personalized activity coloring books filled with connect-the-dots, word searches, mazes and more.

When you order 10 or more personalized coloring books, they are just $5.95 each. So if you’re looking for a party favor that will actually get used and be cherished by your child’s guests, rather than a bag filled with plastic junk, these recycled coloring books could be a good bet, especially since you’ll be able to find a book to match most party themes from cowboy to fairies.

+ Personalized Coloring Boks $6.95

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