In a world laden with toxins and consumerism, we could all use some good news. Don’t you think? As it turns out our kids are the good news. A new survey released by The Co-operative, shows that kids are super on the ball when it comes to green living and they are making a big difference by encouraging their parents to go green as well. The new survey interviewed 1,027 children aged between 7 and 14 and 1,002 parents of children aged 7 to 14 in August 2011 and found out that kids are resorting to “green pester power”, in order to push their parents into a more sustainable lifestyle, and all that pestering is paying off. Go kids!

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The new study was published by The Co-operative, to mark their official Green Schools Revolution (GSR) educational program launch, which will further help educate kids about green living. Good thing too, since 82% of children surveyed rated learning about green issues as more important than learning about science, history, IT and art, and kids rated learning about green issues as almost as important as studying English and math. Two-thirds of kids said they’d like to learn more about wildlife and nature and almost half of all kids said they want to learn more about where food comes from. Parents surveyed are having a harder time though, claiming that they struggle to answer their children’s questions about green issues. On the flip-side, six in ten parents also note that their children have managed to persuade them to live greener and more families then ever are recycling, conserving water and leaving the car at home.  In fact, a full 95% of parents say that they’ve changed their behavior due to kid-green-pressure.

green kids, eco kids, kids go green, green education, Green Schools Revolution, greener schools, green issues, green living, eco schools, green schools,
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Paul Monaghan, Head of Sustainability at the Co-operative Group notes:

We are lucky that our youngsters have such a tremendous appetite to learn more about green issues and make a difference. Through our Green Schools Revolution program, we hope to do our bit to help the thousands of switched on teachers who want to ensure the next generation are better equipped for the challenge of building a more sustainable world. However, parents aren’t off the hook – clearly they need extra homework and the program will put children in a good position to teach them.

Among other things, The Co-operative is offering schools free fun and educational visits to their wind farm to see renewable energy in action and to seven Co-operative Farms to see first how food is grown. Schools can also choose to take advantage of free high visibility jackets to help set up “walking buses” for pupils, helping both schools and parents to take practical action to cut carbon emissions. Although this program is located in the UK, it’s offering a great model for green school programs, no matter where you live, so visit Green Schools Revolution to learn more. Tell us in the comments – how has your child encouraged you to go green?

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