Love your cuddly pet so much you want to immortalize him or her into a soft cuddly sweater? We do it with sheep and goat fur – why not cats and dogs? Allergies aside, the idea is nothing to sneeze at. Danelle German, a professional cat groomer based in Simpsonville, S.C, was troubled by the large amounts of fur she would dispose of after grooming clients’ Persians and Angoras. Her solution? Spin the fur into yarn. Then you can knit the yarn into warm, cozy creations (cute little sweaters, mittens, hats, you name it). Can’t you just imagine grandma knitting your little one a sweater made from Mr. Buttons?

Well, maybe not. Check out the video above of this awesomely weird – yet fun- idea. Core77 also featured a post on dog owners who do something very similar… though their creations have a bit more bite.

If you are into the idea of making Spot into a handbag, Danelle German’s custom creations start at the surprisingly affordable cost of $45.

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