Wondering what to get for the earth-loving tot who has every ‘green’ toy under the sun? How about a sustainable toy box designed and built by Mod Mom Furniture to beautifully contain all of his eco-friendly wares? The charming Owyn Toy Box is a modern, made to order, organic-style storage box that is functional and perfectly designed for little hands. It is equipped with two leaf shaped lids that children can easily remove to access their toys, and after clean up time, the lids fit right back on top like puzzle pieces, concealing toys and providing a sleek focal point for any room.

Encouraging easy organization, the Owyn Toy Box is separated into two compartments. One compartment may house stuffed friends and plush toys, and the other may hold blocks and other various curios. The Owyn is constructed with eco-friendly, birch plywood, and both the box interior and leaf lids are painted with non-toxic, low VOC, water-based paint.

Owyn Toy Box$495.00

If you require more mobility in your eco-toy storage solution, consider the Bertie Toy Box. This toy box is made with the same ‘green’ care as the Owyn; eco-friendly birch and non-toxic finishes, but it may be moved more easily throughout your home. The Bertie Box sits low to the ground and rolls on casters. It’s the perfect remedy for when your child’s toys end up everywhere but her bedroom (that would be most days). A cute wing cut-out acts as a handle, and the lid easily pops off for toy selection and pick-up.

Bertie Toy Box – $475.00

These modern toy boxes will add artistic flair to playtime, while keeping your child’s regime totally ‘green.’

+ Modern Tots

+ Created by Mod Mom Furniture