We recently found, and were 100% delighted with the incredible handmade wooden baby books from Just Hatched. So imagine how happy we were to find out that Just Hatched also carries amazing wooden baby puzzles! These puzzles are beautiful, sustainable and chunky – perfect for little hands. The amazing Wooden Leaf Puzzle, shown above won Etsy’s Earth Day Voter category, and it’s easy to see why. Great for nature lovers of all ages, the Leaf Puzzle features six pretty leaf shapes with unique wood-burned details. Leaves include – Oak, Beech, Ivy, Dogwood, Maple and Cottonwood. Beneath each piece is the name of the leaf which allows puzzle solving and word recognition to go hand-in-hand. This puzzle comes in lovely green and there’s a stunning Autumn Leaf Puzzle as well, featuring fiery shades of fall.

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Each Just Hatched wooden puzzle is handmade especially for the buyer with smoothly sanded birch, complete with wood-burned details. Certified AP nontoxic watercolor paints allow for the gorgeous natural looking colors you see in all their puzzles, for example the Chunky Wooden Shape Puzzle shown above. Colors are subtle, yet still bright enough to delight little ones. Each puzzle is finished with a homemade natural beeswax wood polish. Best of all, for such a beautiful piece of sustainable fun, these puzzles are incredibly affordable!

+ Wooden Puzzles $28-$38

+ Just Hatched